Friday, August 26, 2016

What To Do When Your Roll Feed Gets Old And Cranky? Consider A Feed Lease Servo Retro Fit.

Just like people, your roll feed ages over time. And given the tough and demanding environment where they “live,” it’s no surprise that with all that wear and tear, they don’t age gracefully. Even if they did, the electronic controls are only supported for about ten years before they become obsolete (which, incidentally, is far better than can be said for that iPhone or smart phone in your bag). What to do?

This is where a Feed Lease Servo Retro Fit comes into play.

So it’s the middle of the afternoon and your roll feed starts acting funny. Or it stops acting altogether. Either way, you’re in a jam.

You try to patch it up. Again. And why not? It worked the last two times. But this time, it doesn’t.

Now you’re left wondering, Is it the motor? The controls? Something else?
Enter Feed Lease.

A trained, professional technician will come to your rescue - minus the spandex and cape, of course. The technician will perform an onsite evaluation right there on your machine floor to determine if your issue can be fixed with a servo retro fit. They often can, with the drive being sized to your specifications to meet the needs of your old machine as it was originally built.

And if it can’t be fixed with a retro fit, or doing so is not the best economical choice in the long run, you’ll be given other options to fit your needs.

But what if my equipment is not from Feed Lease?

No problem. We’re all about what we call equal opportunity repairing.

So if it’s old and cranky and in need of help, we don’t care where you got it. We’ll help you bring it, and your factory floor, back up to speed.

Now if only it were that easy for people.  

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