Monday, August 29, 2016

The Feed Lease Machine Inspection Is Like A House Inspection, Without All The Stress

If you’ve ever gone through the process of buying a home, you likely remember the inspection. There was so much depending on that inspection.

The same can be said for inspecting your machinery.

After all, your machinery is the heart of your business.

You don’t want something gumming up the works, much in the same way you don’t want to find black mold in your basement. Or squirrels eating your electrical wiring.

And you certainly don’t want to wait until that heartbeat stops, right in the middle of a big project or a busy day. Or ever, really.

It all starts with a call from you.

There could be any number of scenarios:
-You have a big job coming up and you want to be sure your machinery is in top running shape.
-Your maintenance department is overloaded and you need assurance that your machinery is operating at optimal performance.
-You’ve had the machine for a certain amount of time and you just want it to give it the once (or twice) over.
-You like your Feed Lease service technician and want to forge a friendship with more bonding power than a Facebook friendship.

The reasons aren’t important.

Once you make the call, a Feed Lease service technician is dispatched to your site. Wherever you are. Whatever the machinery - even someone else’s. We’re on it.

Our technician will determine what, if anything, from a maintenance or repair standpoint will be required. This could be done on a select line basis or for the entire facility - based on your needs.

The technician will then loop back to Feed Lease with a fully documented report of what was found (hopefully no squirrels) and recommendations will be made to you based on these findings.

And that’s it.

It’s way easier than a home inspection. But every bit as important. 

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