Thursday, June 1, 2017

Don’t Wait Until You NEED A Retrofit from Feed Lease

Your servo roll feed is getting older.

If it’s really old, it might even be regarded as an elder. And like a wise old elder, you give it the respect it deserves for continuing to carry on. You live by the motto - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 
But here’s the problem with that thinking.

As the machinery ages, your proprietary servo feed controls become progressively more out of date. And if you’ve done your research, you’ve discovered that the replacement parts are less and less available. Or even worse, they may be obsolete. When you inquire about needing these parts, people are laughing at you. (If they’re kind, they’re doing it behind your back.)

Of course, the parts and service folks at Feed Lease would never laugh at you.

But you’ve got to face it. Because being in denial about your trusty old machine can cost you big. Even if the feed is still going strong, the other components of the system are phasing out. And when it finally decides that enough is enough, it’s gonna stop doing its job. And that means you’re gonna stop doing yours.

An idle press is money lost. A whole lot of money.

So if you’ve got one of these trusty old servo feed lines, be grateful it’s been serving you so well. Then do yourself a HUGE favor and take advantage of the Feed Lease in-plant equipment inspection. We’ll give it the well needed once-over to determine whether it’s time for a retrofit BEFORE the machine tells you by shutting down your factory. It’s preventative maintenance at its best.

The inspection can be scheduled at a time when a Feed Lease technician may already be planning to be your plant or factory. And because their control panels are not proprietary, they can perform the inspection on any servo feed machine, not just one from Feed Lease.

In fact, they recently did a retrofit on a competitor’s machine for one of their customers. The mechanics of the feed were good enough that the company didn’t want to do an entire new feed and Feed Lease happily stepped up to the job - retrofitting the competitor’s machine and saving their customer a significant amount of money.

The retrofit can be installed by you, if you’re comfortable doing it, or it can be done by Feed Lease.

The retrofit involves replacing the control panel, motor and drive, and the package includes operator control console/station, servo motor, remote jog control and belts and pulleys as required. It also comes with a 4-year warranty. Often times Feed Lease will perform the install because the customer may want some training. 

Whatever the case, Feed Lease wants to make it clean and simple to retrofit your existing machines whether it’s theirs or anybody else’s. So contact us or give us a call.

So if you have an older machine, NOW is the time.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Great Reason to Head to Mexico in February

This hardly seems post worthy, does it? Who needs any excuse to head to sunny Mexico in the cold, dark month of February? But here at Feed Lease, our motivation for heading south of the border strays from what most would consider traditional.

Sure, we’ll take advantage of the sun and the warmth and the enchiladas. We’re not crazy.

But we have an affinity for a part of Mexico you probably wouldn’t consider and it isn’t the sipping margaritas in a cantina part. It’s the metal stamping industry.

That’s why Feed Lease is happily heading to the PMA Metalforming Technology Conference in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, February 16-17 to connect with the great people in that industry.

Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in securing new business and minimizing cost in the metal stamping industry in Mexico - an industry that’s strong and thriving. There are numerous companies with a wide range of equipment and the ability to produce a broad range of component parts from a number of metals. Feed Lease is a worldwide company and we love working in Mexico to support the employees and manufacturers in this industry.

(And frankly, the beaches are nice.)

More importantly though, these conferences serve as educational forums with knowledgeable speakers and sponsors that help promote the continued growth and expansion of Mexico’s press stamping industry.

PMA has developed this event to arm senior Mexican business leaders and their key technical staff in Mexican facilities with the most updated information on numerous technology trends in the metal forming industry. All of which will help them increase operation productivity.

The Metalforming Technology Conference addresses topics such as mechanical presses and their components; safety considerations, maintenance procedures and schedules, as well as whether to replace or repair your press.

Other topics include preventive and predictive tool and die maintenance, sensors and die protection and lubrication systems and lubricants. The sessions are conducted in Spanish and will be developed for company executives as well as engineers, technicians and operators.

Feed Lease participates in quite a few of these educational conferences and we always find them to be informative and beneficial. Plus, we love connecting with our friends in Mexico. So get away from the cold for a few days and join us in Mexico. It’s going to be a good - and educational - time.

Hasta la vista.