Monday, December 21, 2015

Zig-Zag Is In. Are You?

Imagine a customer ordering and receiving a press mounted Zig-Zag Roll Feed and you're on your way to enjoying your own bliss. One Ohio customer recently learned that he could rake in the savings with the Roll Feed Model RFZZ-3-24 Zig-Zag.

Not only could he run multiple blanks out of a single strip, his metal stamper roll feeds guaranteed him optimization in part output, which in turn, minimized his web scrap.

Consider for a moment what he now sees happening within his own shop - multiple out blanks based on blank diameter for added scrap savings.

This Ohio customer has seen the light when it comes to the Zig-Zag Roll Feed Model RFZZ-3-24, and so can you!

Discover the mechanics of Zig-Zag roll feeds. They are mounted on linear rails and can be programmed to move up to 6" in either direction. Up to three 3.25" blank can then be stamped. The Zig-Zag is height adjustable and is entrance self-centering. Zig-Zag Roll Feed Model RFZZ-3-24, can accept a maximum stock width of 24" (61 cm), a maximum stock thickness of .125 (3.1 mm), and finally, a maximum side shuttle of 12" (30.5 cm). The Zig-Zag also provides hand crank adjustment and V-Grooved edge guides.

Take a look at the other model sizes to suit almost any application and you're on your way to additional bliss.

Try your own hand at a Zig-Zag; you don't even have to live in Ohio.

Call us! We will be more than happy to provide you with a proposal with full specifications.

Maximum Material Yield? Are you getting the most out of your material?

Get the Feed Lease Zig-Zag advantage to optimize part output and gain scrap savings of up to 13%!
Feed Lease Servo Driven Zig-Zag roll feeds can get you the boost you deserve. Simply enter the Blank Diameter, Web Width, Strip Width and 2 or 3 blanks out of the strip to achieve optimal material yield and maximum savings.

Feed Lease Zig-Zag roll feeds are available in a wide variety of width, thickness and blank diameter capacities and come with numerous standard features. Fully programmable and available press mounted or cabinet mounted, the roll feed rides on linear rails for smooth, accurate operation. A servo driven ball screw drives the X-axis while a second servo drive simultaneously advances the Y-axis for optimal positioning. Entrance and exit self-centering, hand crank adjustable, V-grooved, edge guides provide consistent, accurate guiding through the roll feed and into your die.

Call today with your requirements and get the Feed Lease Zig-Zag advantage! You can also contact us on the web! We look forward to working with you!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Don’t miss out on North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing event! FABTECH 2015 heads to McCormick Place in Chicago, November 9-12. More than 40,000 attendees will be visiting 1,500 exhibiting companies on the giant Expo floor.

While you’re at FABTECH, be sure to stop by the Feed Lease booth. As a valued customer, we want to update you on our high-performance pressroom feed equipment. Our machinery does more than meet the needs of your stamping operation. It exceeds the demands you put on it. From single pieces to complete coil-feeding lines, our rugged, innovative designs reduce downtime to keep your operation productive and profitable. You may have used some of our services, but do you know that we provide:

Coil Cars & Cradles
Coil Feed Line
Coil Processing
Coil Straightening Equipment
Crop Shears
Coil Upenders
Push-Pull Servo Roll Feeds
Scrap Choppers
Servo Grip Feeds
Straightening Equipment
Zig-Zag Servo Roll Feeds

Feed Lease is among the leading FABTECH exhibitors – equipment manufacturers and importers of key manufacturing technologies including metal forming & fabricating, tube & pipe, welding and finishing processes. Every year, FABTECH exhibitors introduce hundreds of new products on the exposition floor.

Chat with our experts about our latest innovation designed to improve operator safety and speed width adjustments with digital readouts now standard on all hand crank vertical edge guides.

Visit us: Booth: S4238, November 9-12 at McCormick Place, Chicago!

Visit the FABTECH website to locate our booth.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Tradition of Innovation: Feed Lease Servo Grip Feed

Since 1969, Feed Lease has committed itself to building high-quality, high- performance press automation and coil handling equipment. In the early 1980s, we designed and manufactured our first electronic servo feed. Our in-house personnel have had years of experience in designing and engineering precision machinery for presses and servo feed equipment.

Today, we continue to design the same high-quality products that have served our customers for over 45 years, while providing a superior level of innovation. Our groundbreaking, CAD-based engineering department allows us to provide the most up-to-date servo feed equipment on the market, including our new Servo Grip Feed.

Read More about the Servo Grip Feed

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Space Saving Coil Handling Equipment

Are you worried that your shop floor can’t fit in the coil handling equipment you need?

Have you seen other manufacturers’ “space-saving” coil handling equipment that just doesn’t have the power you need?

You’re not alone. Every shop owner has limited space and sacrificing power for square footage isn’t an option. So what are you left with? Most shop owners would choose to cram in an oversized coil feed, but that leaves you with less room to operate, worse conditions for your workers, and less room for other machines, all of which slow down your business, and can even stop you from growing. Isn’t there a better way? Now there is.

Feed Lease’s range of space saving coil handling equipment was designed with manufacturers like you in mind. Our clients have raved about the SmartSaver and the SmartSaver HD!

With a complete coil line in this size, most people think that there would have to be sacrifices in performance or ability. But even with machines half the size of a standard line, we were able to keep the abilities and options our clients love, like:

Standard Equipment

  • Widths from 12" to 72 (6" increments)
  • Thickness up to .187" (.250" HD model)
  • Coil weights ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.
  • Lift assist "tongue" to simplify threading (systems w/o coil cars)
  • Powered rollers on coil car for easy threading
  • Pivoting rocker arm for hands-free threading
  • Integrated debender, included to induce a reverse-bend in thicker materials and ease threading
  • Adjustable feed height cabinet (+/-4")
  • Pilot release of feed and upper straightener rolls
  • Powered feeder/straightener or servo feed with pull-thru straightener
  • Powered reel

Optional Equipment

  • Motorized coil keeper rolls
  • Hydraulic reel travel for coil centering
  • "SmartLoop" control to control feeder and payout drives for more precise loop control
  • Failsafe disc brake (10,000 lbs. capacity and higher)
  • Three or four mandrel pad reel construction with inner and outer keeper arms
  • Photo eye or laser loop control
  • Slant top operator station with color touch screen
  • Centralized controls for complete line (pendants included for feeder and reel/coil car)
  • Heavy-duty "C" framed edge guides
  • Full-width feed rolls with matte finish
  • High torque screw jacks used for upper straightener roll adjustment
  • Hold down arm with powered wheel
  • Powered, pull off roll for feeding heavier-gauge material into the slack loop (HD model only)
  • Powered and/or automated cabinet height, straightener roll and edge guide adjustment
  • Ethernet connectivity for drive system

That’s a lot of options! The space saving SmartSaver lines can be customized to your exact needs, all while keeping the same strengths as standard size lines, so you can be sure you’re getting all the options and power you need.

Looking for More?

Check out for more info about all of our products, lines, and coil handling equipment. You can even download the full spec sheets for our products here.

Who We Are:

We’re Feed Lease Corporation. For over 45 years, we’ve been committed to designing and building premium quality, high performance Press Automation and Coil Handling Equipment. From space-saving coil processing lines to custom feed presses, CTL shearing and conventional lines that work with Class A and other surface-critical materials, count on us to provide a smart and proven solution.

For more information, call 248.377.0000 or visit us on the web at

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Showcasing Our New Cut-to-Length Line

For over 45 years, Feed Lease has committed itself to building high-quality, high-performance pressroom automation and coil handling equipment. We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date press feeding equipment on the market. With that mission in mind, we wanted to highlight one of our most innovative products: our new Cut-to-Length Line.
Cut-to-Length Line
High Speed. High Performance. Our Cut-To-Length Line processes MCRS and galvanized metal coils up to 20,000 lbs. at a rate of 60 cuts/minute. We offer the best way to achieve high-quality metal processing, designed to meet your specific requirements.

Read More about the Cut-to-Length Line

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Over 45 Years of Innovation: Feed Lease Coil Handling Equipment

For over 45 years, Feed Lease has committed itself to building high-quality, high-performance pressroom automation and coil handling equipment, like our Feed Lease Complete Systems. Today we continue to design the same high quality products that have served our customers for over 45 years, while providing a level of innovation that they have come to expect from Feed Lease.

Feed Lease Complete Systems

What drives the first working solution in an aluminum automotive application? The power and handling of Feed Lease Complete Systems. For years we have designed and built high quality, high performance coil handling equipment, and our dedication to innovation led us to create the only press feed and coil handling equipment of its kind - built with industry-first custom features to handle any aluminum application.

Read More About Our Coil Handling Equipment Here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Great Relationship Leads to Three Coil Handling Equipment Lines Built, Delivered and Installed in One Plant

In business, just like in life, great relationships are everything.

In more than 45 years building and installing the coiling feeding and coil handling equipment that moves the stamping industry we’ve established some great relationships with great companies and great people.

There’s a quote we found from a guy who calls himself the “pit bull of personal development”, named Larry Winget. It sums up how we do business:

“Do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, the way you said you would do it.”

That about says it all when it comes to our approach to designing and building coil handling equipment. Whether it’s a single space saver machine for a regional stamping shop, or building and installing three complete lines to feed and straighten coil for global companies like Tower International, we approach every job that same way.

In the case of Tower, just last month we finished delivery of a conventional complete line system with a max capacity of 36” and 20,000 pounds.  The system was the 2nd of three we’re building and installing at a Johnson Controls stamping plant in Ramos, Mexico.  The third line, going in this month, is a 72”, 50,000 pounds capacity Reel/Feeder/Straightener Combination.

We put in a Space Saver line at Johnson Controls plant in Athens, Tennessee about six years ago, but it was our work for Tower that set us up for this joint venture. After working with them on their Elkton, Michigan and Bluffton, Ohio plants they stipulated using only Feed Lease machines at the Ramos plant. There’s not a better compliment than your customers demanding their colleagues and partners do business with you.

We used Allen Bradley controls in all the lines and built and delivered all three coil handling systems within the 18-20 week timeframes they needed. 

The 72” Reel/Feeder/Straightener Combination line included a magnetic tail out servo feed. Adding the magnetic tail out may seem like a small thing, but when it saves you losing 8’ of scrap per roll, we think it’s kind of a big deal.

Turning that 8’ of scrap into usable metal means more parts from every coil, higher productivity and more efficiency on every stamping run they do. When it’s feasible to do in the facility, we think it’s worth doing.

Like all of our turnkey installations we provided on-site operator training with the new machines and systems.  Making sure everything is running smooth and all the people actually working with the machines can use them is just part of the package.

Monday, January 19, 2015

It’s Not Just About Handling High-Volume Aluminum Stamping, It’s About Building New Solutions That Create American Manufacturing Jobs

Creating long-term partnerships and solving complex production problems are goals every company strives for.  One of our most outstanding accomplishments in 2014 was a collaboration with Thai Summit America Corp and we think we hit both of these dead on.

Our partnership involved high-volume stamping of metal much softer than steel, Aluminum, and the inherent problems this creates.

Specifically, we were tasked with designing and building coil handling equipment and straightening equipment that would handle .015 inch, military-grade, Class A finished Aluminum without damaging it.

You can get the full story of our collaboration designing and building their new servo-driven system with vacuum tailout servo feed, hard chromed straightener and many other customizations in December’s issue of Modern Metals.

Truthfully, we think the most important accomplishment of this new partnership is the increased production and work this will mean for Thai Summit America.  The new feed and coil handling equipment will create increased opportunities for their three shifts of dedicated American workers well beyond this first job.

Thai Summit America’s Executive Manager Rob Walus had this to say about the impact the new Aluminum Feeding and Straightening System will have,

“Prior to the installation of these Feed Lease coil handling systems we were not able to run aluminum in this capacity.”

“The new feedlines will open doors to other work the company might not have taken on before. We have expanded our capabilities.”

Add to that the on time delivery, installation and full operator training on a 2nd and 3rd system at Thai Summit America and we’d say this one was a winner. You can check out the full piece in Modern Metals here.

And of course, we can’t forget the specs.

Complete Line Servo Feed and Coil Handling System for
High-strength, Military-grade, Aluminum Alloy

System Configuration

Model RF7-72 Servo Roll Feed w/Vacuum Tailout feed system
    • Model FL-SC-16 Scissor Lift Threading Table
    • Model FLPS-4.25-9-72, 9 Roll, EZZE-Clean Straightener w/Crop Shear
    • Model R-40M-72 w/Coil load car
·         Note: No surfaces that will come in contact with the material can have any paint or residue.

Application Specifications
Maximum coil weight...................................................................................... 40,000 lbs.
Maximum coil O.D...................................................................................................... 72”
Maximum stock width................................................................................................ 72”
Maximum stock thickness (High Yield Steel and Aluminum)........................   .140” @ 72”
Minimum stock thickness (HSLA, Aluminum)................................................ .020” @ 72”

System Specifications
System Configuration.................................................................. Conventional Feed Line
Accuracy at feed rollers to within…………………………………………………………….. ± .003”
Progression range..................................................................................... 0 to 999.999”