Thursday, March 24, 2016

Congratulations! It's an ERP!

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We adopted an enterprise resource planning software package (ERP) at Feed Lease. Perhaps “given birth to” the software is a better description since we felt like we were going through contractions, hyperventilating and feeling an intense pressure to push during its early installation. 

But now that our baby is mostly up and running, we are experiencing some of the joys ERP’s bring to businesses. Still, this whole process of transforming our business to operate at a much higher level of efficiency has been our greatest undertaking. And while this transition will probably take 12-18 months to be fully realized, we all see it as very promising. (Twelve to 18 months...that’s when children start walking on their own, right?)

Just as the addition of a baby changes everything for parents, adjusting to our new ERP has been both challenging and eye-opening. How our business operated without an ERP was a lot like how the human body operates on junk food. It’ll run on junk food, but it won’t be as healthy, predictable and energized as it could be. You’ll never get peak performance from junk food. The ERP has allowed us to see that peak performance is well within our reach. And that’s very exciting for us.

The whole process isn’t without its trepidations. You have to expect some level of anxiety when you go from using a hammer and chisel to the space age overnight. We’re all electronic now. We’ve gone digital and now, nothing can happen unless it’s in the system. Deals we used to do over the phone have to be done within the ERP.  

But that inconvenience is way overshadowed by the information that is now instantly available at our fingertips. Data analysis, which we lagged in, is instantaneous.

If nothing else, and there is a ton of “else,” the ERP is letting us see down the road. Operating efficiencies, accuracy in reporting, data, cost breakdowns; this system will positively affect our entire processing system in terms of time and money. 

We understand there is little instant gratification in the early days of this 12-18 month implementation. We’re changing a lot of dirty diapers. But we have all the tools we need now for success and most of them were already a part of us: our strong, cohesive team. Our family. Who better to help us grow and nurture this ERP? 

You know, I just realized if you change the “E” in ERP to a “U,” you get something else newborns do. 

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