Thursday, April 21, 2016

Do Your Coils Need To Be Cradled?

What’s old is new again. Coil cradles are making a big comeback these days. But here at Feed Lease, they never went away. We’ve been building the kings of coil containment with rugged, heavy-duty steel construction and hardened nest rolls all along, although in recent years they’ve been upgraded and refined with enhanced features. 

Coil cradles don’t get promoted as much, but there are several benefits to choosing them over more conventional coil-reel-based lines. They are generally less expensive and, depending on the application, cradles can be a more effective and efficient way to handle thicker materials since they are ideal for thicknesses between .060 inches and .75 inches, including high strength materials. That also makes them particularly useful for fineblanking applications. 

Cradles may have you thinking of babies rocking, but there’s nothing delicate about Feed Lease coil cradles. They can handle coil weights ranging from 4,000 to 60,000 pounds, and widths from two inches to 84 inches. Surely, those material capacities can satisfy almost any application.

Coil cradles are a good choice because they will generally require less floor space than a conventional feeding system. They also offer excellent containment as materials stay within the confines of the entire system.

Coil cradles are simple to operate; so less-experienced people can work the machine. That’s important with employee turnover and rising labor costs.

Today, Feed Lease coil cradles feature AC variable frequency drives that provide automatic variable payout speeds and inside plates that are independently adjustable to handle a variety of widths. Our cradles are also available with inline pinch rolls or powered straighteners; curved material deflectors for loop confinement, flip-open chutes for loading and a peeler/debender to peel the leading edge and backbend for threading.

So, are you ready to take a step back in history to save money and floor space? Give us a call at 248-377-0000 and we’ll get your coils cradled asap.

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