Monday, December 21, 2015

Zig-Zag Is In. Are You?

Imagine a customer ordering and receiving a press mounted Zig-Zag Roll Feed and you're on your way to enjoying your own bliss. One Ohio customer recently learned that he could rake in the savings with the Roll Feed Model RFZZ-3-24 Zig-Zag.

Not only could he run multiple blanks out of a single strip, his metal stamper roll feeds guaranteed him optimization in part output, which in turn, minimized his web scrap.

Consider for a moment what he now sees happening within his own shop - multiple out blanks based on blank diameter for added scrap savings.

This Ohio customer has seen the light when it comes to the Zig-Zag Roll Feed Model RFZZ-3-24, and so can you!

Discover the mechanics of Zig-Zag roll feeds. They are mounted on linear rails and can be programmed to move up to 6" in either direction. Up to three 3.25" blank can then be stamped. The Zig-Zag is height adjustable and is entrance self-centering. Zig-Zag Roll Feed Model RFZZ-3-24, can accept a maximum stock width of 24" (61 cm), a maximum stock thickness of .125 (3.1 mm), and finally, a maximum side shuttle of 12" (30.5 cm). The Zig-Zag also provides hand crank adjustment and V-Grooved edge guides.

Take a look at the other model sizes to suit almost any application and you're on your way to additional bliss.

Try your own hand at a Zig-Zag; you don't even have to live in Ohio.

Call us! We will be more than happy to provide you with a proposal with full specifications.

Maximum Material Yield? Are you getting the most out of your material?

Get the Feed Lease Zig-Zag advantage to optimize part output and gain scrap savings of up to 13%!
Feed Lease Servo Driven Zig-Zag roll feeds can get you the boost you deserve. Simply enter the Blank Diameter, Web Width, Strip Width and 2 or 3 blanks out of the strip to achieve optimal material yield and maximum savings.

Feed Lease Zig-Zag roll feeds are available in a wide variety of width, thickness and blank diameter capacities and come with numerous standard features. Fully programmable and available press mounted or cabinet mounted, the roll feed rides on linear rails for smooth, accurate operation. A servo driven ball screw drives the X-axis while a second servo drive simultaneously advances the Y-axis for optimal positioning. Entrance and exit self-centering, hand crank adjustable, V-grooved, edge guides provide consistent, accurate guiding through the roll feed and into your die.

Call today with your requirements and get the Feed Lease Zig-Zag advantage! You can also contact us on the web! We look forward to working with you!

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