Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Absolute Easiest Way to Take the Error out of Coil Loading

People are always talking about the cutting edge. 
But when it comes to handling coils, we’re more interested in the leading edge. And we’re especially interested in keeping that leading edge at the top of the coil.

As anyone who has ever handled coils knows, setting the coil on the coil car correctly every time doesn't always happen. 

It seems like a simple operation, but sometimes stuff happens. And humans are prone to making mistakes. (Hence the saying, “They’re only human.”)

For example, let’s just say that the guy who’s responsible for loading the coil onto the coil car next Thursday accidentally drinks decaf that morning. We won’t go into the horrid details as to what will cause this decaf mishap. But suffice it to say, in his foggy-headed attempt to load the coil onto the coil car, he’s going to accidentally place it backwards.

The leading edge is now on the bottom and we all know what that means. (Hint: It’s not good.) 

It means you’re going to have to saddle up for the time suck required to call in the crane and/or forklift to turn that coil around. In no time, you’ll likely find yourself lamenting the following:

If only there were a rotating coil car that could orient the payout off the top of the coil!

Well, there is. (You probably already knew where we were going with this.)

We call it the Feed Lease Coil Load Car with Rotating V-nest. 

It’s really just a fancy name for a rotating coil car with an independent rotating platen that allows the operator to ensure the coil wrap direction is properly oriented on the mandrel. And with it, there’s no need for heavy machinery (or caffeine) to orient the payout off the top of the coil.

So yes, it is entirely possible to speed up your coil loading process with the simple push of a button. But wait, there’s more.

Because if your issue isn’t so much a groggy employee, but rather the challenges of tight loading space, say no more. Presto-whammo! You can simply load the v-nest from the side, then index it into position for loading on the reel. So, yeah. It’s pretty much the same thing as magic.

And Feed Lease is among the few who produce this rotating coil car. 

Plus, the rotation is done with the space-age technology of hydraulics. That’s right. Hydraulics. So one could argue that we’re interested in cutting edge too. (But maybe not.) 

For more information on our coil load car with rotating v-nest, contact us

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