Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Is It Time for a Controls Upgrade?

Just because your servo roll feed is getting older doesn’t mean it’s becoming obsolete. 

But as the machinery ages, your servo feed controls become
progressively more out of date. And if you’ve done your research, you’ve discovered that the replacement parts are getting harder to find. You might even be getting looks of pity when you inquire about them.

The parts and service folks at Feed Lease will never give you looks of pity. We know your struggle.

But you have to face it. Even if your trusty old feed is going strong, the other components of the system are phasing out. And when it finally decides that enough is enough, it’s gonna stop doing its job. And that means you’re gonna stop doing yours.

Then you’ve got an idle press. 

And That Means Money Lost for Every Hour You Are Idle

So if you’ve got one of these trusty old servo roll feed lines, be grateful it continues to serve you so well. Then do yourself a HUGE favor and take advantage of the Feed Lease in-plant equipment inspection. We’ll give it the well needed once-over to determine whether it’s time for a controls upgrade BEFORE the machine tells you by shutting down your factory. It’s the definition of preventative maintenance.

The inspection can be scheduled at a time when a Feed Lease technician may already be planning to be your plant or factory. And because their control panels are not proprietary, they can perform the inspection on any servo feed machine, not just one from Feed Lease.

In fact, Feed Lease recently did a controls upgrade on a competitor’s machine. The mechanics of the feed were good enough that the company didn’t want to do an entire new feed and Feed Lease happily stepped up to the job - upgrading the competitor’s machine and saving their customer a significant amount of money. 

A controls upgrade includes a new Emerson drive and motor package, Apex gear box W ratio to match (10:1, 15:1, 20:1), 5-meter cable length, belts and sheaves for power transfer, new slope top enclosure and user friendly color touch screen.

So If You Have An Older Machine, NOW Is The Time

Feed Lease wants to make it clean and simple to do a controls upgrade on your existing machines - whether it’s ours or anybody else’s. So give us a call at 248 377-0000.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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