Tuesday, July 26, 2016

At Feed Lease, Nothing Stamps Out The Importance Of Customer Service

When you take the step to purchase metal stamping equipment, you’re making an investment in the future of your company. So of course you want the peace of mind that the entire process, from placing your order to full operation on the factory floor, goes as smoothly as possible.

We get this.

That’s why we place the same premium on constructing quality machinery and components as we do on customer service.

And frankly, we just plain like the opportunity to build relationships with customers and help them improve their operations.

It all starts with dedicated, trained and qualified service technicians.

Our factory trained service technicians are one of a kind.

They understand not only the installation process and proper functionality of each piece, but are also able to troubleshoot if there’s a problem. They also have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the area of the machinery and controls.

To put it in simple terms, they understand the application of our equipment.

Yeah, sure there are people who can do installs. But you want more than just someone going through the motions. Especially if they don’t understand how the specific equipment was designed to be used because then they won’t be able to explain it to anybody else.

And when it comes to explaining the equipment to anybody else, our technicians are top of line. Beyond just knowing their stuff, they’re patient, respectful and kind. We expect as much. And so should you. Add to that the value of their being able to handle stressful situations because, well, let’s face it, things don’t always go as smoothly as planned. 

They also understand urgency and the importance of time, so they won’t waste yours.

The bottom line, proper training ensures a smooth launch, leading to an effective and efficient system - which is what you’re really purchasing.

Speaking of a smooth launch, Feed Lease is with you through the entire installation process.


Our start-up process insures that everything is operating correctly and as designed. After all, proper installation is crucial for equipment to operate accurately and effectively.

And we can provide the whole package including delivery, laser alignment, components, rigging, pneumatics, electrical, testing and troubleshooting.

Feed Lease’s customers range from metal stampers with a few small presses to larger tier-one and -two stampers with multiple presses spread out over many facilities. So whether it’s your first or your seventy-first machine, we provide the same attention and care to getting you up and running.

And once you’re set to go, you’ll receive an owner’s manual.

Our competition can’t say that.

We spent years generating these owner manuals, working with a collective of highly experienced engineers, technicians and other specialists to get the exact specifications as they apply to each individual machine.

After all, don’t you want the full return on your investment?

We’re committed to getting you that return faster.

And we’ll do it with a smile.

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