Thursday, July 30, 2015

Space Saving Coil Handling Equipment

Are you worried that your shop floor can’t fit in the coil handling equipment you need?

Have you seen other manufacturers’ “space-saving” coil handling equipment that just doesn’t have the power you need?

You’re not alone. Every shop owner has limited space and sacrificing power for square footage isn’t an option. So what are you left with? Most shop owners would choose to cram in an oversized coil feed, but that leaves you with less room to operate, worse conditions for your workers, and less room for other machines, all of which slow down your business, and can even stop you from growing. Isn’t there a better way? Now there is.

Feed Lease’s range of space saving coil handling equipment was designed with manufacturers like you in mind. Our clients have raved about the SmartSaver and the SmartSaver HD!

With a complete coil line in this size, most people think that there would have to be sacrifices in performance or ability. But even with machines half the size of a standard line, we were able to keep the abilities and options our clients love, like:

Standard Equipment

  • Widths from 12" to 72 (6" increments)
  • Thickness up to .187" (.250" HD model)
  • Coil weights ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.
  • Lift assist "tongue" to simplify threading (systems w/o coil cars)
  • Powered rollers on coil car for easy threading
  • Pivoting rocker arm for hands-free threading
  • Integrated debender, included to induce a reverse-bend in thicker materials and ease threading
  • Adjustable feed height cabinet (+/-4")
  • Pilot release of feed and upper straightener rolls
  • Powered feeder/straightener or servo feed with pull-thru straightener
  • Powered reel

Optional Equipment

  • Motorized coil keeper rolls
  • Hydraulic reel travel for coil centering
  • "SmartLoop" control to control feeder and payout drives for more precise loop control
  • Failsafe disc brake (10,000 lbs. capacity and higher)
  • Three or four mandrel pad reel construction with inner and outer keeper arms
  • Photo eye or laser loop control
  • Slant top operator station with color touch screen
  • Centralized controls for complete line (pendants included for feeder and reel/coil car)
  • Heavy-duty "C" framed edge guides
  • Full-width feed rolls with matte finish
  • High torque screw jacks used for upper straightener roll adjustment
  • Hold down arm with powered wheel
  • Powered, pull off roll for feeding heavier-gauge material into the slack loop (HD model only)
  • Powered and/or automated cabinet height, straightener roll and edge guide adjustment
  • Ethernet connectivity for drive system

That’s a lot of options! The space saving SmartSaver lines can be customized to your exact needs, all while keeping the same strengths as standard size lines, so you can be sure you’re getting all the options and power you need.

Looking for More?

Check out for more info about all of our products, lines, and coil handling equipment. You can even download the full spec sheets for our products here.

Who We Are:

We’re Feed Lease Corporation. For over 45 years, we’ve been committed to designing and building premium quality, high performance Press Automation and Coil Handling Equipment. From space-saving coil processing lines to custom feed presses, CTL shearing and conventional lines that work with Class A and other surface-critical materials, count on us to provide a smart and proven solution.

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