Friday, December 16, 2016

Coil-fed laser table - NOT the stuff of wizardry.

Coil-fed laser tables -  NOT the stuff of wizardry.

Here at Feed Lease, we’re big fans of the new coil-fed laser tables.

But all the hoopla surrounding them as this new year of 2017 approaches has people believing they’re the greatest thing conjured up since sliced bread.

Yeah sure, a coil-fed laser table could cut through a loaf of bread. But the reality is, coil-fed laser tables are not the love child creation of magical sorcery.

The coil-fed portion is the same…
They operate on the same technology that has existed on traditional coil-fed stamping presses for decades.

And that’s why we like them so much. They’re like family. The newest addition to the family. Take a look at one and you’ll see.

They resemble a traditional blanking line, right down to the coil reels, precision straighteners and feed units. And they run on consistent cycle times with automatic feed up. (They’re so darn cute at this age.)

Nothing new or magical there.

The biggest advantage of these tables is they allow for greater efficiency on low volume production jobs. We can feed a continuous strip through the machine to lessen sheet handling time and more effectively nest parts to get more out of a sheet.

All of this translates to FAR LESS waste. It also means we increase production capability.

Ours settled right into the family without so much as a fuss. And the benefits of coil feeding your laser table for smaller production jobs are:

     Lower cost per part (no dies or die maintenance)
     Optimized part nesting resulting in less scrap
     Ability to immediately change part geometry vs. hard tooling die
     Flexibility in production, blanks or sheared parts
     Quick change over from part to part with the push of a button

What’s essentially happening is that we’re using the same equipment we’ve always used, but just applying it to different applications.

As for the larger production jobs, we’re leaving those to our stamping presses - our big boys. And we’re as proud of them as ever.

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